I get the 10 red flashes. Page 11: Propane Gas Connections Do not … One of the simplest problems that could be causing this situation is that the fridge has not had the time to cool down. Refrigerator Model Number. We have mentioned that the majority of RV fridges are gas absorption models and that they do not have two separate cooling systems. What the thermistor does is measure the temperature at their locations and transmit that measurement to the thermostat. - Do not cover the shelves with plastic, paper, etc. If it is broken or malfunctioning, then you will need to do the obvious and replace it. read more. Since both the freezer and fridge work off the same cooling unit, both should work fine. The owner’s manual that comes with your brand of refrigerator should give you the exact temperature settings you should sue when you use your RV’s refrigerator. Follow the same instructions found in the Norcold and you should be able to see if the thermistor is defective or not. On average your refrigerator will cool down in 4-6 hours. ft., 2-way or 3-way, refrigerator (13 pages), A 4.5/5.5 cu. As with the Norcold, the Dometic fridge has many components that influence the cooling power of your fridge. The refrigerator is not installed and vented in accordance with Norcold product specification. Handle a leaking cooling unit with extreme caution! Please start by checking that your thermistor is located properly. The process of cooling your fridge section starts with your freezer and moves down, following the gravity system. The second thing you need to understand is that the refrigerator will not cool properly if it is too hot outside (typically over 90 degrees F ambient) or too cold outside (typically under 25 degrees F ambient) . In other words, you need to wait 24 hours to make sure the fridge truly has a problem. Your thermistor, according to Norcold, should live on the second fin from the right. So i turned it onto gas. In order for the refrigerator in your RV to work properly, your trailer or motorhome needs to remain in a level position. Then gravity moves the ammonia liquid to where the hydrogen gas removes the heat in the ammonia. Your fridge can stay cold for hours without power. Do not try to repair or recharge the cooling unit. Fig. ... Cooling Unit Serial Number. - … All labor charges will be billed directly to Thetford or Norcold. Cooling Unit: (see NHTSA info in next column) – Norcold does not specify the problem to owners) Fix: High Temperature Sensor 10E049000 – Report date 10/8/10 For every cooling unit sold through our web site, the customer is adding a evaporator circulation fan to their order. Norcold has also put together a recall hotline for their refrigerators. One way to tell if the fan is malfunctioning is by listening to the noise it makes. This is a problem with the AC heater relay: This is not owner serviceable. If the refrigerator does not start to cool down after about two hours, contact your dealer or a Norcold authorized service center. One of the first things you need to know about Norcold fridge and freezer units is that they must be level to work properly. and can ignite and burn with an intense name. Certification Information The 121X-XX series gas absorption refrigerators are certified under ANSI Z21.19B standards for installation in mobile homes or This allows the cooling unit to move the different gases throughout the cooling system. refrigerators (14 pages), 6 cu.ft., 2-way, r.v. refrigerators (14 pages), 4.5/5.5 cu. Your fridge depends on your rig being level at all times when it is parked, even when it is in storage. ft., 2-way or 3-way, refrigerator (19 pages), Thetford n500: supplementary guide (10 pages), Manual will be automatically added to "My Manuals", TROUBLESHOOTING FLOWCHARTS - N7V AND N8V MODELS, TROUBLESHOOTING FLOWCHARTS - N7X AND N8X MODELS, TROUBLESHOOTING FLOWCHARTS - N7LX AND N8LX MODELS, Refrigerator Norcold N260 Owner's Manual & Installation Manual, Refrigerator Norcold N61X Series Owner's Manual, Refrigerator Norcold N61X Installation Manual, Refrigerator Norcold N400 Installation Manual, Page 12: Main Control Board (Power Board) Fuses, Page 14: Clean The Openings Of The Burner Tube, Page 15: User Interface (Controls) - N7V And N8V Models, Page 16: Air In The Propane Gas Supply Lines, Page 17: Fault Codes - N7V And N8V Models, Page 18: Troubleshooting Flowcharts - N7V And N8V Models, Page 26: User Interface (Controls) - N7X And N8X Models, Page 27: Air In The Propane Gas Supply Lines, Page 29: Troubleshooting Flowcharts - N7X And N8X Models, Page 37: User Interface (Controls) - N7Lx And N8Lx Models, Page 39: Fault Codes - N7Lx And N8Lx Models, Page 40: Troubleshooting Flowcharts - N7Lx And N8Lx Models, Page 42: Fault Code - "No" "Ac" With Audible Alarm, Page 43: Fault Code - "Ac" "He" With Audible Alarm, Page 44: Fault Code - "Dc" "He" With Audible Alarm, Page 46: Fault Code - "No" "Dt" With Audible Alarm, Page 47: Fault Code - "Sr" With Audible Alarm, Page 48: Fault Code - Flashing Temperature Setting, Page 50: Diagnostic Mode - N7Lx And N8Lx Models, Page 53: Cooling System Diagnostic Flowchart. With the gas i could hear a flame burning keenly but again no cooling in the fridge or freezer. A temperature limit swich is open. These elements work hard to stop your fridge from operating normally. Norcold Inc. Do not try to repair or recharge the cooling unit. © 2017 NORCOLD, INC. All rights reserved. You can pull the timer out and check to see if it is working or not. The burner did not ignite or re-ignite. There are a few tricks you can use to help it get cold a little quicker and some great ones for how to keep it cold once it reaches temperature. 2. If your RV is not level when parked, then you will have trouble with cooling your fridge. The evaporator coils- this is the component that cools the air down keeping your food fresh and safe. Ammonia can cause severe skin and eye burns. Polar 7 series; polar 8 series gas electric, Improper installation, adjustment, altera-, personal injury or property damage. Finding the source of the problem just takes a little time as you have to check all the components to find the right culprit. But you need to keep your food supply nice and cool while you are traveling. 2018 colemon dutchmen. To find the problem may take a little time as you have to check each part till you find the defective one. That means the problems you had when you owned the Norcold will be the problems you are having with your Dometic refrigerator. This unit does not have to be wired to the interior light since not all Norcold have a usable interior usable light, but can if you confirm refrigerator has DC … To troubleshoot this part, you need to examine the device and test it to see if it is working or not. There are some usual suspects when you go to diagnosis what why your fridge is not cooling when your freezer is. Norcold makes small refrigerators that are commonly found in RVs and boats. They only have one to cool both the fridge and the freezer. Norcold Polar N8X Pdf User Manuals. Then if you are camping out or in an RV park in very hot geographical regions of the country, then you are going to have problems with your fridge. If the Norcold refrigerator thermistor is attached on the wrong cooling fin, the fridge will appear to not cool correctly. 00 not bend, drpp, weld, move, drill, puncture, or hit the cooling system. For assistance or addition-. 5. Then after it has done that job the ammonia liquid is sent to the boiling section to be turned back into gas and to start the process all over again. 6. If you feel your RV is not level, this is a good time to be sure your Dometic or Norcold refrigerator is not turned on. Finally, you will need to check the thermistor. If your refrigerator is a Norcold model, it, too, has a thermistor. To cut the cooling time in half, all you need is a battery-powered fan. For the fridge section it should be set at 34 degrees F or you could go a little bit higher and have it work at 40 to 42 degrees F. More recent models of refrigerators have been redesigned by the manufacturers to handle steep roads better than the older more conventional models. “dr“ Audible alarm also. If this device malfunctions or becomes defective, then it could stop the flow of cool air depriving your fridge of the needed cooling air. You may not realize that RV gas absorption refrigerators are designed quite differently than their residential counterparts. Using the wrong fan may cause you more problems and have you spend more money. Their cooling system works by gravity and keeping them level helps the unit distribute the coolant to where it needs to go. Unplugged unit to see if would reset. Make sure that the refrigerator is ... N7V AND N8V MODELS, cont’d. There is a way to cut this time frame down and get you on the road a lot quicker. Serial number labels location are illustrated in Figure 1-2, page 4. The fixes described above should work on all RV fridge brands as the majority of them are all built the same and use the same cooling system. All genuine Norcold cooling systems are serialized. The two main gases used in an RV Fridge are ammonia and hydrogen. The outside vent may not stop all these things or even insects and small animals from getting inside. Sometimes, the simplest solution is a matter of time. It is not operated in a comfortably level position. Not only will this help speed up the cooling time, but it should also help your fridge run more efficiently. If there is too much frost on these coils, there may not be enough air getting to the cooling coils. Norcold RV Refrigerator Not Cooling But Freezer is One of the first things you need to know about Norcold fridge and freezer units is that they must be level to work properly. If your fridge is not showing any error codes, lower the temperature setting to as low as it will go. As with most things the answer is it depends, and there are many different factors that will affect the cooling time for your fridge. Second, fridges are electrically powered, so be careful and not careless. The rule of thumb though is that you should set your freezer at 32 degrees F, or just under that temperature. - Do not cover the shelves with plastic, paper, etc. Do not bend, drop, weld, drill, puncture, saw, or strike the cooling unit. Replacement parts are provided at no cost to the owner. The thermistor is not working right- we have talked about this for the Norcold and Dometic refrigerators and this can be a problem for other brands as well. 3. The service center will repair the product. I thought I - Answered by a verified RV Mechanic ... My Norcold 1200 blew up last September 2017. Some RVers prefer to tilt their RV a degree or two to help drain rainwater and dew. The owner’s manual should be able to tell you its location. Damper control assembly is defective- what this component does is regulate the cold air coming from the freezer and heading towards your fridge. The first photo is of a Winnebago with the Norcold N7V. 263BH 2019. $2600.00. (Helpful Guide + Tips), RV Toy Hauler Patio Fence: Turn Your Ramp into a Deck, 9 Four Season Travel Trailers for Sale (Manufacturers List), Defective or malfunctioning defrost timer, Little tricks like this can make your RV vacation a lot more, » RV Refrigerator Not Cooling But Freezer Is (How to Fix it), F350 vs F450: The difference Between Ford F350 and F450. The design of the thermistor has them exposed to electrical current. Having the fridge not cool down while the freezer does, is not a big problem to solve. For the best cooling performance: - Let air move freely inside the entire food compartment. Looking after your fridge is as important as looking after your air conditioner. not being shot off in sufficient time to prevent a fire.” (Pictures and diagrams of fix attached.) The break point temperature for this scenario is 90 degrees F. Also, you have to make sure the cooling fins have proper airflow. Before we get into listing those suspects, you need a couple of words of advice. If it is too noisy, then you need to replace it with the right part and model for your particular fridge. As America's leading manufacturer of refrigerators and freezers for RV, Marine and Truck markets, Norcold Inc. is recognized as a world leader in bringing bold product innovations to the recreational industry. My norcold n7v will not operate. The cooling unit is a sealed system under pressure! Then disconnect the thermistor and wait. About this Manual This service manual provides maintenance, diagnostic, and repair information for NORCOLD® N7V, N7X, N7LX, N8V, N8X, and N8LX ® Series gas absorption refrigerators. Next, you will have to check for dirt, debris, and blockage. The cooling unit contains am-monia, hydrogen, and sodium chromate. First, make sure you have the right tools on hand to find and handle the problem. Sign In. If you check back before that time, say after only a few hours, you may think something is wrong with the fridge. The next thing you should be aware of is that if the outside temperature is too hot, then the Norcold fridge will not work right. 6. What that means is you have to turn the fridge on about 24 hours ahead of the time you are going to use it. Overview of Norcold N7, N8, N10 Series RV Fridge. So, you do not want to jam-pack your fridge with food. - Answered by a verified RV Mechanic ... when the thermistor fails the fridge goes into a full cooling mode and the controls do not work, this is per design to prevent the food from spoiling. The timer turns the heating element on from time to time to make sure frost does not build up on the coils. For the best cooling performance: - Let air move freely inside the entire food compartment. Now the problem with this system is that it takes time to work. If your fridge cools like normal, then you have a bad thermistor on your hands. Their cooling system works by gravity and keeping them level helps the unit distribute the coolant to where it needs to go. The first thing to know is that the cooling units on every Norcold gas absorption refrigerator are gravity operated and MUST be level in order to run properly. You may think that leveling your RV is only good for the frame and slide outs. If you check the evaporator coils and see there is a lot of frost on them, take your wife’s or daughter’s hairdryer and blow hot air onto the coils. To decrease the amount of ice that collects on the cooling fins: If it isn’t working, then replace it with a new one. al information, contact a qualified installer. To avoid this issue, turn your fridge off before entering those hilly and mountainous sections of the country. To learn more about how your RV fridge works and why it may not be cooling down while the freezer is, just keep reading our article. “no“ “FL“ Audible alarm also. That way you will avoid damaging your fridges cooling unit. We stated earlier that it should take about 24 hours before your RV’s fridge is cooled down enough and operating normally. This exposure degrades them and can create this faulty situation for you. Red, flashes on four (4) times every five (5) seconds. This information applies to NORCOLD gas/electric refrigera-tor models N51X/N51X.3, N61X/N81X, N62X/N82X, N64X/ N84X/N64X.3/N84X.3, N109X, and 120XXX. If your freezer is cooling and your fridge is not, you need to check the usual suspects first to make sure they are all operating correctly. You place it facing upwards towards the fridge compartment and turn it on. Fault Code - Flash Pattern This is not owner serviceable. ft., 3-way refrigerator (18 pages), 6 and 8 cu.ft., 2-way, r.v. Steep hills that bring your RV’s fridge more than 3 degrees out of level, will eventually damage the unit and shorten its lifespan. Do not block an entire shelf the refrigerator should be able to circulate air on its own. Follow these troubleshooting steps: Make sure the power switch/thermostat is not in the OFF position. The only thing wrong is that you have not let enough time pass to let the fridge get up to speed. ft., 2-way or 3-way, refrigerator (17 pages), 2.4 cu. Upload. Do-it-yourself-ers can check Norcold’s Amazon store for parts that are available online. As you can see, some common sense troubleshooting should clear the matter up in no time at all. The evaporator fan is broken- if the previous two components are fine, this is your next stop in trying to find out why your fridge is not cooling. To avoid this problem you will need to check your thermistors regularly and make sure they have not been degraded by the electrical current if they have, then you need to replace and then keep checking them from time to time. A damaged or broken thermistor may send faulty information to the thermostat causing it to stop the flow of cool air to the fridge. Red, flashes on three (3) times every five (5) seconds. The first time the code appears, turn the unit off and on. Handle a leaking cooling unit with extreme caution! Bad airflow means that the fridge components will not get the air they need to keep the fridge nice and cool. Its a norcold N8X and our rv is only a year old so hasn't had heavy use. Background A no cooling fault code indicates that the fin temperature in the fresh food compartment is above 50° F and has not lowered in a specific amount of time. A 2.4 cu. Do not bend, drop, weld, drill, puncture, saw, or strike the cooling unit. Norcold Parts by Model Number (