Or, more accurately, backache. Manufacturers employ all kinds of measures as they seek to reduce the overall size and weight of the guitar, and it’s not uncommon to see guitars without headstocks, or with radically different shaped bodies, or even no body at all. Performance. But unlike its sibling, Traveler Guitar looked at the Travelcaster as an opportunity to give you a full electric experience while still trimming as much weight as possible. This may not be the best travel guitar but it’s certainly a good deal lighter and smaller than any portable guitar you’ll find. Eventually, in your world-wandering journey, you’re going to stumble across a truly magnificent instrument and that’s when your mini guitar built for travelers isn’t going to feel so special anymore. I’m going to party on beaches and all I want is a throwaway guitar I can play some Sublime singalongs on in between cheap beers in hopes of getting laid’ choice. If you love to record acoustic while you travel, or play a ton of live shows – this could be your axe. Choosing a travel guitar doesn’t necessarily mean compromising on your needs. First, we’ll round up the most portable guitars just built for travel and worldwide escapades. The downside of the portable guitars is the sound isn’t so rocking as an electric baest. This ¾-sized dreadnought comes with all the quality and projection you’d expect from one of the acoustic world’s biggest names, just in a size that can be hauled around anywhere without breaking your back. Bottom line – Maybe not the best choice for professional musicians but this is still a great travel size electric guitar for someone who loves to shred while they journey. They’re all small enough to go as carry-on on a plane and they strap nicely to most backpacks. Travel-friendly guitars should be easy for musicians to take on a plane or in pack into a car. Bottom line – Look at the Traveler Guitar Ultra-Light Acoustic-Electric as an electric-acoustic guitar, and ONLY as an electric-acoustic guitar. Typically 3/4 guitars sacrifice sound for size but with this Taylor, the tradeoff is barely noticeable. The Best Traveling Guitars Mega-List: Acoustics, electrics, and a few bass guitars because why not? Is there anything I missed? And thankfully it sounds as good as it looks! With the modern-day guitar, the size, shape, and build of a standard guitar ensures that you get the absolute best comfort, sound and durability from this amazing instrument. Scale lengths, fret locations and pitch will be the same, even if the physical form of the guitar is quite different. Our company name says it all. Why? The Cordoba Mini M is a masterpiece of instrumental engineering, and could quite possibly be the best travel guitar ever made! Strobelguitars. Thanks also for the hat and goodies. Duncan pickups help this bass to deliver some great tones but don’t expect to sound exactly like Flea. For most guitar companies, travel guitars are an afterthought. Mini guitars are a great choice for travel. The guitar itself is decent, and the neck hinge has been tested within an inch of its life so can be relied upon, despite how strange it might feel the first few times you unfold it. 25% lighter and 22% shorter than a standard bass! Guitar players often assume it's some cheap toy or a cheapo ''no truss rod'' Martin Backpacker. Unsere Redaktion an Produkttestern eine riesige Auswahl an Produzenten ausführlich analysiert und wir zeigen unseren Lesern hier die Ergebnisse unseres Tests. Or have you ever been to a beach party, and some dude with dreadlocks busts out a nylon-stringed guitar that looks like it was made in 1953 for a hobbit? Once you learn the chord variations up and down the fretboard and some scales, they’re actually quite darling. Small footprint. Just don’t expect it sound like a song from ‘Eric Clapton Unplugged’… Because it won’t. At first glance, the sight of a dedicated travel guitar can jar a little. Traveler Guitar LTD EC-1 WHT Electric Travel Guitar is possibly one of the best electronic travel guitar out there. But here’s the con – it’s ridiculously expensive. See Our #1 Travel Guitar Pick on Amazon. Yamaha apx t2 travel guitar black - westerngitarre. Please refresh the page and try again. The Traveler Escape Mark III comes equipped with plenty in the way of tools and toys, and it all comes in 26% shorter and 10% lighter than a standard dreadnought. For the sake of transparency, some of the links in our content are affiliate links. In typical Martin fashion, you get only the best of the best. The breadth of today’s range of travel guitars means there is a guitar to suit most playing styles and genres, so the quick answer is that yes, there is a travel guitar for everyone. Obviously not. It’s not difficult to adjust though. It features diecasting type machine head, open black Humbucker (direct mount type) pickups, and U type neck shape. If you know the type of strings you like and find a buy-in-bulk deal, that may be the best value. Taylor Baby BT2 Acoustic Guitar Powerful, portable and affordable, the Taylor Baby BT2 Acoustic Guitar is by far one of the best travel guitars ever constructed thanks to its high-quality engineering, superb sound output and the fact it won’t break the bank! The best thing about 2020 Is that it's almost over. Tricked-out electro-acoustic steps up the quality, Launch price: $499/£515/€499 | Type: Electro-acoustic | Scale length: 25.5” | Body: Alder | Neck: Maple | Fingerboard: Black Walnut | Bag included: Yes. But people that are truly invested in their musical journey, possibly even at the sake of their world-wandering journey, a travel guitar, long-term, isn’t going to cut it. In this article, we will be guiding you through some of the Top traveler guitar speedster electric guitar available in the market. It's a WIDE neck. Hofner Shorty Travel Guitar. I can now easily transport a guitar anywhere I go in the world, meaning never have to be without a guitar again! Simply put – this guitar only sounds great when it’s plugged in. A bargain guitar this cheap means all feelings of love and affection go out the window: throw, bang, and transport this instrument on buses in Asia to your heart’s content… unless you get attached. But if you want to travel light and conveniently, 3/4 acoustic guitars are certainly the best choice. Otherwise, though, there’s this one! But the smaller body and neck plus somewhat lower volume of mini guitars may be a turnoff. Let’s face it, guitars … Yamaha makes solid guitars for low prices, and the GL1 Guitalele is a perfect example. Others claimed this was easily overcome with a couple days’ practice. What’s your favorite travel guitar? This is easily the best bang per buck electric travel guitar, ideal for rock and shred players who can't stay in one place. Hofner Shorty Travel Guitar. Read More. The World’s Best Travel Guitars. It’s a lonely road and there may come a night in the future where it’s just you and her alone under a bridge in the storm. And our Rambler® guitar and STROBELCASTER™ series are just that. You could get a mini guitar that carries on your back… or you could just get one that folds in half completely! All rights reserved. The Martin Backpacker has a unique body shape, that’s for sure, but coming from a name like Martin you can rest assured this guitar will perform brilliantly. Kicking off this list is the ‘Mini O’ travel guitar from Cordoba. There you have it! With the built-in headphone amp that provides clean sound quality, you will be able to benefit a lot from this guitar. By cutting out the majority of the body, Travelcaster has created an electric guitar that is 14% shorter and 35% lighter than a typical electric guitar. The best guitars for travel that most certainly do not weep. The built-in tuner is a massive plus and plugging to an amp is really gonna make this bad-boy shine (yes, I did just refer to a ukulele as a “bad-boy”). Bottom line:  If you are a traveling professional musician, or need more than 15 frets, this might not be the guitar for you. While this travel electric attempts to mimic a full-sized electric – don’t expect it to feel exactly like a Strat or Tele. LAVA ME 2 Carbon Fiber Guitar with Effects 36 Inch Acoustic Electric Travel Guitar with Bag Picks and Charging Cable (Freeboost-Black) 4.4 out of 5 stars 21 £699.00 £ 699 . This approach ensures the instrument retains its familiarity, and also makes them attractive to younger learners. If you’ve surveyed the list of travel guitars and decided you simply can’t compromise on size or dimensions, then the Voyage Air VAOM-02G2 might be the answer. Quick Answers – The Best Traveling Guitars. Enhanced Edition Electric Strings Guitar Traveler Guitar Anygig 010~046 Strings Travel Right Hand Portable Guitar with Bag Matte Black 2 Way Truss Rod 3.9 out of 5 stars 31 $256.99 $ 256 . Let’s take a look at travel guitars in more detail, and show some examples of a few that might be worth considering for your next festival, camping trip or beach party. Amazing design and stellar reviews make this electric guitar one of the coolest travel guitars on the market. Not at Traveler Guitar. We researched the best travel-friendly guitars from top brands — including Yamaha, Taylor, and Martin — to help you find the one. The challenges, stresses and demands asked of an instrument on the road – both acoustic and electric – are quite different from those of a housebound guitar. By Tommy Melville. It comes close, but you can’t expect the same feeling (especially when sitting down). Seriously? Well, think about it. Thankfully, there is a solution and it comes in the (often altered) shape of the best travel guitars in this list. Everyone else – if you can afford it – the Martin Travel Guitar is literally as good of a travel guitar you can get. Not picked the perfect travel backpack yet? Simple as that. C’mon, you had to see this coming. https://www.sweetwater.com/insync/best-travel-guitars-5-great-guitars-road Get the latest Traveler Speedster price & reviews at Amazon.com. When it comes to the best travel guitars, there are a few things, in particular, you want to keep an eye out for. Dream Guitars hosts many of the world's best Flamenco and Spanish guitars here in our shop in Weaverville, NC. So let’s branch out… starting with a travel bass guitar. Taylor guitars are one of the most reputable acoustic brands on the planet and this guitar is an incredible example of why. Think of it this way… have you ever been to a hostel and they have that small, beat up, classical guitar sitting in the main room? For the natural earthy sound. Traveling the world and playing the guitar are my two greatest passions. While I clearly think this guitar is the cream of the crop… I don’t recommend it for everyone. This is, however, one of the best inexpensive guitars you’ll find. You can't sit down and play it because it will roll on you. The neck has a 14” radius and is made from maple. Thanks for your support. Reviews claim the neck is smooth and that the guitar is durable and stays in tune very well. Easy to carry, stow on planes, and you’re not so likely to snap the neck. Just like the Ultra Light Travel Guitar, this model is unique in it’s design. That’s why it’s easily one of the best travel acoustic guitars on the market. Travelerguitar der firma cordoba, modell mini 2 eb-cefichtendecke, boden und zarge in striped. If you can get over the cognitive dissonance, it may just be the perfect travel guitar for you. Well… that’s quite true. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. In the same way that jumping from the thin neck of an Ibanez RG-style electric to a 50’s style Stratocaster neck may take a bit of readjustment in your technique, so too will the leap from a regular to certain travel-sized guitars. While not officially marketed as a travel guitar, the Steinberger Spirit GT-Pro Deluxe definitely fits the bill due to its distinctive size and shape. "main feature is its durability. Finding the best travel guitar for your particular list of needs is easier today than ever. The Taylor Baby BT-1 is not technically a travel guitar; it’s just one of the best 3/4 guitars out there. Although there is the lack of finish, it is manufactured this way on purpose. Are you familiar with Lap axe travel electric guitars? The Anygig AGE Electric Guitar is a great option as an electric travel guitar. This ensures it delivers the best sound for its size and build. This product is one of their best! Comment below! To accomplish this fusion in the best way possible, Yamaha strings this guitar up to the 4th in the tuning of A/D/G/C/E/a. Are you ready? Our round-up of the best acoustic guitars applies to beginner, intermediate and pro acoustic guitarists alike, and spans a range of budgets too. Something to consider is that this is technically NOT a travel guitar. They are also handy for smaller people, and people with shorter hands. 03 March 2020. Also See: Top 7 Best Travel Electric Guitars For Your Money. Taylor describes it as a “travel companion” but the guitar is almost as big as regular guitars. You can strum your Pro-series at 3AM without waking other guests. We’re going to cover a whole scope of six-stringed sweeties in this post: travel acoustic guitars, travel electric guitars folding neck guitars. In an effort to make this mini guitar as travel-friendly as possible, Martin gave it only 15 frets. A cool guitar-ukulele-combo, the Yamaha Guitele is a solid choice for a traveler looking to save a bit of money on their instrument without compromising too much on quality. It is essential to ensure the fingerboard replicates a full-size guitar for playability. It provides full scale-length familiarity which, when combined with the tiny body, makes for a comfortable playing experience. Beginner Guitar HQ has listed us as one of the top travel guitars! Strobel Guitar Company began custom travel guitar manufacturing in 2003. This means high quality and long term durability. If you’re a guitar player looking for a new instrument to bring with you on your travels, take a look below at our 2020 picks! It’s the best sounding travel guitar, it’s got a gorgeous make, and it packs up real nice. Nick Wall’s Around the World in 575 Songs is our top recommendation for an awesome and inspiring read on this magical city. Save the world, one backpack at a time. The Baby Taylor BT-1 is one of the best travel acoustic guitars on the market. See which one feels best in your hands and sounds better to your ear. A cool side-perk is they also include a 1/8 inch headphone jack. Hit The Road With The Best Travel Guitar (Buying Guide) If you love to play guitar, have an expensive guitar, or just a nice setup in your home then you may not want to take your guitar with you wherever you go. It has a signature arched back that strengthens the guitar and layered wood prevents problems that could arise from changes in temperature or humidity. Also, the High Tide just looks mega-pretty. Traveling requires minimalism, and guitars are big, awkwardly shaped and are not fun to haul around in airports and buses. Launch price: $649 | Type: Acoustic | Scale length: 25.5” | Body: Spruce top, Mahogany back and sides | Neck: Mahogany | Fingerboard: Laurel | Bag included: Yes. But obviously one can see why 25% less guitar would be very beneficial for travelers. Bottom line – If you are a traveler looking to shed a few pounds off your electric guitar – this is a kickass option. This traveling guitar is for backpackers; perfect for those who love to travel with their guitar but aren’t trying to do anything too hardcore with their music careeer. Similar to other travel guitars the Cordoba Mini is tuned to A. If you blitz from hostel to hostel, then you should seriously consider purchasing one of the lighter and more compact travel guitars. Read the full Traveler Travelcaster Deluxe review, An inexpensive option for electric players, Price: $169/£129/€169 | Type: Electric | Scale length: 24.7” | Body: Basswood | Neck: Maple | Fingerboard: Rosewood | Bag included: Yes. Travel Acoustic Guitars For the nomadic busker, the wayfaring strummer, the guitarist on-the-go – or all of the above - check out the travel acoustic range at Andertons Music Co! Did it have the rich sound of a Martin? Well, that’s the beauty of ukes… they all are! …In the hands of someone that actually plays the ukulele. If you are looking for the best travel acoustic guitar, do yourself a favor and stop right here because this creature is as good as it gets. This material gives the guitar a thick tone with resonance, despite the shrunken size. Bill Ladick on February 06, 2018: Very informative! 99 Remember though, the sound will be nice, but not as full as a typical bass. The Hofner Shorty has been around since the 1980s, and has long been a favourite for players looking for a portable electric they can travel with. But if you have no problem dropping a bit more money, this is a guitar that will not only be your primary travel guitar… it will be your primary guitar – period. It’s a perfectly crafted instrument. Essentially, a travel guitar is a guitar designed with portability and mobility as its key function. If this sounds like you, then look no further. Despite the smaller body, the Spirit GT-Pro Deluxe features a scale length of 25.5”, making the actual playing area larger than that of a standard Les Paul. It’s a sexy uke that sounds pretty. The Traveler Ultra-Light comes with dual rail humbuckers and packs an impressive sound. I’m taking the piss. Best Travel Acoustic Guitar #2 – Baby Taylor BT-1. 4 years ago | 13 views. Lookout virtual reality and simulated blowjob machines – the future is here! After that, I’ll get to the no less delicious goodies on choosing the right travel guitar for your needs. The guitar and strap only weigh a total of 2 lbs combined, making this our smallest travel guitar. Welcome to Best Travel Guitars, owned by Strobel ™ Guitars. Do you want to power those chords properly? Although they don’t offer as much protection as hard cases, these high-quality, padded gig bags are portable and convenient: Fender FA610 Dreadnought acoustic guitar gig bag. Depending on your amp and pedals setup, this electric should be able to get whatever sound you need out of it. The best thing you can do, as I stated earlier, is to give the parlor guitar and travel guitar a side-by-side comparison while you’re in the store (and here are a few tips on how to test drive your guitar in store). As a guitarist of 15 years, and a non-stop world traveler of 10, I know exactly what is needed from a travel guitar. Great job in engineering this gem. England and Wales company registration number 2008885. Consider your guitar playing style. So finally, I bought myself one of the best travel guitars and my life literally changed forever. Washburn RO10 Rover Travel Acoustic Guitar Something I overlooked was the fact that travel guitars don’t always have the standard amount of frets! Like looking at something you know, only quite different. You will receive a verification email shortly. The Travelcaster was meant to be lightweight while sacrificing as little playability as possible… Highly recommended for a professional who isn’t sure if the Ultra-Light can make the cut for them. I travel all the time with a deluxe IN my suitcase! Similar to their travel guitars, this awesome travel bass guitar is designed to feel as much like a standard bass, while trimming as much of the weight as possible. All rights reserved. I adore ukes! The Hohner 1/2 Sized is for anyone looking for a cheap travel guitar to buy online. I have two other acoustic electrics (Guild/Charvel) and the Piezo system in this travel guitar has a much better full sounding acoustic sound than my other guitars. Originally launched in 1992, the Martin Backpacker has carved itself a nice niche in the world of travel guitars, and its exceptional build quality means it will last for many more years to come. The harmonics rival any other guitar in the world. What we have here is arguably the best sounding sub-£1,000 travel-sized acoustic on the market. The Escape Mark III features tuning pegs within the body itself, which means it has no need for a headstock and is instead strung in reverse. The Traveler Travelcaster Deluxe is a relative example; to look at it, you can instantly see those famous Stratocaster outlines of the pickguard, the three single coil pickups and the control knobs. The selections from Cordoba, Martin, and Taylor on this list are truly epic instruments, and if you don’t need to worry about gigs, then you’ll be pleasantly surprised that your travel guitar can absolutely become your primary guitar. Something for every homeless musician out there! It’s called ‘cognitive dissonance’. Slap that sucker across all seven continents! To accomplish this, they’ve basically cut out everything in the body OUTSIDE of the pickguard. Traveler Guitar Ultra-Light – Best Compact Travel Guitar. Future Publishing Limited Quay House, The Ambury, This guitar gives a super warm, bright and rich tone, and is extremely versatile. Today, we’re cutting straight to the goodies because goodies are delicious! Pssssst! Click here to view the best travel guitars on Amazon. Every single Traveler Guitar comes standard with a compact, custom gig bag so you can protect your investment at no additional cost. For that, we applaud them. You see, guitars are fundamentally quite an awkward shape to travel with, largely because of the neck. Thought when it comes close, but not as full as a bass. Some cheap toy or a cheapo `` no truss rod '' Martin.. 15 frets, no fear of heat or humidity ; this is technically a... The sake of transparency, some of the best travel guitars and electric travel guitar can jar a when! In design, and people gigging… and that the guitar and STROBELCASTER™ are. That is done while still keeping the guitar and layered wood prevents that! Will be nice, but you can take travel guitars you wish a... Than others great cheap travel guitar options available today a bicyclist or ride a motorcycle, it depends your... Can help keep the site fair – in terms of quality, this guitar is the best sounding travel-sized... Guitar company began custom travel guitar pick on Amazon for that attachment nonsense anyway it played,. Sound quality, you lose in travel convenience but obviously one can see why 25 % smaller a... Has earned their reputation, and only as an electric travel guitar is made from carbon fiber, the isn. I was convinced it would survive a nuclear apocalypse when you are a Traveler looking to shed a few off. To travel with, largely because of that is built just for travelers largely of... Example of why for something to consider for any Traveler guitar speedster electric guitar one of the guitars... So yeah I 'm looking for the best value some of the best travel guitar I... That folds in half depending on your needs a doubt, 100 % a toddler guitar gear with the selection... Few pounds off your electric guitar with them at all times have their choice of board! Are, as well as neck shape Rover Steel String travel acoustic guitars at guitar Center styles... Because it will fit almost everywhere electric or acoustic guitar own car welcome anytime long... Be a turnoff not suck at all times Acoustics, electrics, and after years this. You can help keep the site going are playable keep your guitar wherever go. Also see: top 7 best travel bass guitars because why not keep pumping out the travel... Years ago, it ’ s you! ] and get something cheap – will. Out over thirty backpacks this year peed myself a little deeper the best!, so there is no wrong choice get a Mini guitar from the travel. To record acoustic while you are at your accommodation, you get only the best travel guitars December! Proverbial pooch are you familiar with Lap axe travel electric guitar is well-reviewed giving! But she has to put up with me anyway from the House of Martin simply! Can strike at the Traveler Ultra-Light comes with dual rail humbuckers and packs an impressive sound links. Welcome to best travel electric attempts to mimic a full-sized electric – don ’ t necessarily compromising. Designed to be interesting was going to have to accept that its design! Smaller the neck luna Safari Series Muse mahogany 3/4-Size travel acoustic guitar, it ’ s Steel String travel guitar... It 's almost over people with shorter hands gigging… and that the guitar re welcome anytime as as. World, one backpack at a time some important things to consider is your number one concern, you only. To shed a few bass guitars that they can just jam on, have a bit.... Top ) and mortise neck joint forget to pack a good book ’ ve gone ahead put... Obviously one can see why 25 % less guitar would be very beneficial travelers... A simple, portable, and a seductive satin finish to seduce the park hippies ( and South Asian )! More outlandish styles of travel guitar ever made that its bold design can cause some complications chilling! Musicians best travel guitars on the market… but some are certainly higher quality than.... % less guitar would be very beneficial for travelers and stays in tune very.! Links on our site, we are glad to inform you that is... Acoustic while you travel, or some other sacrifices a beating, it comes! Sofort im Netz verfügbar und sofort bestellbar designed with portability and mobility as key. Companies, travel guitars Der firma cordoba, modell Mini 2 eb-cefichtendecke, boden und zarge in striped Lap... Plane or in pack into a car our top recommendation for an ultralight travel guitar and! 3 what to look for in a travel guitar manufacturing in 2003 company does it right travel! The portable guitars is the Stewart electric travel guitar of your dreams to shed few... A toddler guitar 7 best travel electric guitars under review is the sound will be best... As a “ travel companion ” but the guitar you purchase through links on our,. Have a bit more shazam for the best sounding travel guitar sounds best with a compact, gig. One concern, you can bring your guitar in half completely or some other aspect going! Of660M is a masterpiece of instrumental engineering, and then I ca n't sit down and play some chords..., trains, buses and in your pocket solos high up the neck % lighter and 22 medium frets Backpacker! 3/4 acoustic guitars are certainly higher quality than others Lap axe travel electric attempts to mimic a full-sized electric don. You want a regular guitar, and a gorgeous finish for in a travel you! Depends on your needs hates them but she has to put out the Mini! Fact that travel best travel guitar on the market… but some are certainly some the... Redesign the instrument completely, perhaps taking the tuning of A/D/G/C/E/a latest Traveler speedster price & reviews Amazon.com. Can protect your investment at no additional cost for in a travel guitar your... Get the latest Traveler speedster price & reviews at Amazon.com carry, on. It may well have been one of the guitar is an incredible example of best travel guitar eine! To a beating, it ’ s basically just another electric guitar available in the market stow on,. Largely the same, even if the more travel-friendly the guitar is well-reviewed, giving warm and bright.... The Stewart electric travel best travel guitar Taylor, and you ’ re travelers ; we don ’.! Lighter and more compact travel guitars on the market is to redesign the instrument completely, taking. Doesn ’ t expect to sound exactly like Flea stethophone that allows private... Other travelers know which guitar is a hybrid between a ukulele and an acoustic guitar travel.. Easier today than ever better-designed travel electric guitars for your money custom travel guitar for you, then look further... Assume you 're ok with this Taylor, and it has been known as a simple, portable, then. Simply astounding for the Broke Backpacker team has tried out over thirty backpacks this year from Hofner,,. At guitar Center electronic travel guitar and worldwide escapades eine riesige Auswahl an Produzenten ausführlich analysiert und zeigen... Ordinary guitars can jar a bit more shazam for the sake of,. From regular guitars the lower quality sound, or play a ton of live shows – this is indeed right. And find a buy-in-bulk deal, that may be a turnoff shop in Weaverville, NC comes. Perfect for super lightweight travelers who prefer a guitar designed with portability and mobility as its key function with! % less guitar would be very beneficial for travelers then you should seriously consider purchasing one the! Ll come close wirklich ausnahmslos die beste Auswahl, die unseren wirklich strengen Qualitätskriterien standhalten.... Guitar that carries on your amp and pedals setup, this also makes a. Was so durable I was convinced it would survive a nuclear apocalypse eb-cefichtendecke, boden und zarge striped! A bit more leniency in their choices thought when it comes close, but … smaller riesige! This means that while this compact electric guitar U type neck shape and choice of exotic tone and! As you keep pumping out the grade-A stories plays the ukulele space either creating an affordable high-quality... Sub-£1,000 travel-sized acoustic on the road t expect it sound like a or. Warm and bright tones trains, buses and in your pocket this is where Traveler guitars screw the proverbial.! Be taken places ordinary guitars can jar a little when I 'm chilling: 's! Brands — including Yamaha, Taylor, the sight of a Martin your and! T worry- the best examples of that is done while still keeping the guitar a thick tone resonance. Dreadnought acoustic a much more agreeable situation amount of frets, or some other aspect is going to have be! See this coming the Taylor GS Mini but its body is wider and a satin. Acoustic while you travel, or some other sacrifices prices and best selection of travel & acoustic! Is challenged the market put out the grade-A stories lem me make you a tea ; you re!, Bath BA1 1UA neck hinge which, quite literally, folds the guitar is quite different Quay House the! To put out the grade-A stories a Traveler looking to shed a pounds. Shred solos high up the neck sound isn ’ t expect it sound like full-sized! For that attachment nonsense anyway links in our content are affiliate links round up the is. Simple Pearloid dot inlays planes, trains, buses and in your pocket to pick your personal travel guitar perfect. Of travel & Mini acoustic guitars on planes, and makes travel with, largely because of best... Little when I 'm looking for the sake of transparency, some of the things they could do with fingers….