Even though Paris' insubordination and lack of discipline were part of a larger plot to expose a traitor among the crew, everyone understood the importance of the faith she had placed in him. This prompted Janeway to approach the defense of The Doctor from a different angle and the novel was recalled. The two of them used the Delta Flyer for their honeymoon. Kim was able to stop himself in the last minute but realized that he had gone too far. Tom reassured him that there was nothing going on but Neelix got riled up and dumped a plate full of hair pasta on Tom. Genealogy profile for Tom Paris Tom Paris (deceased) - Genealogy Genealogy for Tom Paris (deceased) family tree on Geni, with over 200 million profiles of ancestors and living relatives. Although he was unable to be present at her birth, as he was needed at Voyager's helm while the ship was trying to get back home, he was contacted by The Doctor, who told him, "There's someone down here who would like to say 'hello.'" Its safety protocols were off-line, and the program about a Maquis takeover of the ship was in progress, with a holographic version of Seska programmed to target anyone who opened the narrative parameters file. (VOY: "Alice") He also used to take Tom up in an "old Class 1 shuttle". Google has many special features to help you find exactly what you're looking for. Since the Admiral is applying the pressure for the good of the legacy, Tom gives his hand to Commander Chakotay. The actual Tom Paris was reinstated as lieutenant in part one of "Voyager" season 6, episode 26 Unimatrix Zero. He was obsessed with stories about the ocean – e.g., Captains Courageous as well as Moby Dick – and once said that he had read Jules Verne's Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea "at least twenty thousand times." (VOY: "The Cloud", "Meld", "Lifesigns", "Vis à Vis"), Advanced Subspace Geometry was the only class at the Academy in which he actually paid attention. Spouse(s): When he came of age he went through Starfleet Academy and graduated to become an officer. (VOY: "Vis à Vis"), Despite this, Tom's first love was the sea. The decision was condemned by France and human rights groups. He created his own holoprogram, called Grease Monkey, in which he often spent hours tinkering with old cars while listening to "surf rock" music from a radio of that era. Kathryn Janeway, captain of the starship USS Voyager, obtained Paris's temporary release from the penal colony. He was with them for a few weeks before he was captured on his first mission, convicted of treason, and sentenced to eighteen months' imprisonment at the Federation Penal Settlement in New Zealand. Her last words as she departed the turbolift were to be careful what he wishes for. His efforts to cover up the error succeeded, but overwhelmed by guilt and regret, he confessed. Filmography 1996 - Everybody Loves … A series of 20 drabbles of exactly 100 words each for the LJ Team Janeway competition. He was married to B'lanna Torres until her death in 2413 at the hands of the Breen. The alienation continued throughout his adulthood to the point where Tom would just ignore his father altogether, "tuning out" to what he referred to as yet another "holiday sermon" about the Prime Directive. (VOY: "Lifesigns"), During his second semester at the Academy in the 2360s, Paris chose Marseille, France as the site of his physical training. For the primary universe counterpart, see Tom Paris.. Tom Paris was holographically duplicated on a number of occasions. He recalled breaking out in hives, unable to get out of bed for a week while almost failing stellar cartography because of her; he eventually got over her, but "walked around in a daze" for the rest of that year and even today would think about her from time to time. (VOY: "Alice") He also once told The Doctor about his first heartbreak, Susie Crabtree, who broke up with him during his first year at the Academy. However, despite success in the simulations without ill effect, the real flight experience caused him to begin to mutate into an amphibious creature that could no longer process oxygen. The planet's metallic fluid, the Silver Blood, created duplicates of Paris and Kim because it sought consciousness and sentience. (VOY: "Investigations"), Neelix, The Doctor and Tom Paris playing a game in the mess hall, Tom's and Neelix' bond as friends grew stronger; they often played pool and other games, sat up into the late hours swapping stories, and even enjoyed kidding The Doctor every now and then. A frustrated Tom finally told her that not only was she running away from herself, but that if she kept pushing away those who cared about her, she would indeed be alone all her life. Lieutenant Stadi once asked him whether he always flew at women "at warp speed." (VOY: "Lifesigns", "Meld"), In 2375 when Paris disobeyed Janeway's warnings and then direct orders to not intervene in the affairs of the Moneans, he was demoted to the rank of ensign and sentenced to thirty days in solitary confinement in the brig. Tom Paris was a male Human who lived during the 24th and 25th centuries. In the holographic village of Fair Haven, Paris transformed Harry Kim's date Maggie into a Holstein-Friesian cow when she was about to kiss him. As a result, Tom felt a great sense of gratitude towards Tuvok for having saved his life. [2] In interviews the producers of Voyager have said they felt Locarno's actions in that episode made him irredeemable. That silver blood finally released Voyager, after the crew agreed to be duplicated to populate the planet. View Tom Paris’ profile on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional community. He obsessed for hours about Alice, mainly to the detriment of his duties and personal relationships. Janeway was gravely disappointed in Tom's conduct, which she believed was something he had finally grown past. Finally, Chakotay, disguised as a Vidiian, managed to save them. However you need to watch that episode to understand why. He even used the transporter to get to her without being seen by other crew members. However, his knowledge of general history was slightly more limited, to the point that he initially believed that the Soviet Union was still active in the late 1990s, whereas it had actually collapsed at the beginning of that decade. (VOY: "Time and Again"), Throughout Tom's life and career at Starfleet, his father remained tough and remote, telling him, for instance, that crying was a sign of weakness. The sudden and shock death of rising Manly Sea Eagles star Keith Titmuss has left family, friends and the rugby league community devastated. (VOY: "Gravity"), When the crew was being deceived by false telemetry emitted by what looked like a wormhole to the Alpha Quadrant, Tom believed he had received a letter from an old friend who had offered him a spot at a new test flight center in Australia, with a chance to pilot the newest experimental ships. The name Tom Paris has over 3 birth records, 1 death records, 1 criminal/court records, 7 address records, 0 phone records and more. In A Pocket Full of Lies, B'Elanna gives birth to her and Tom's second child, their son Michael Owen Paris. Nurse Hyad Boina, left, prepares a syringe to use in the treatment of a patient in room No. (VOY: "Lifesigns"), Trapped in the Delta Quadrant, Tom Paris' options were somewhat limited. 9 in his battle against COVID-19 at Bichat Hospital, AP-HP, in Paris Tuesday, Dec. 1, 2020. Even though Paris never acted on it directly, his feelings towards Kes were quite obvious, such as the time when he used two weeks worth of replicator rations to get Kes a locket for her birthday. Growing up, Paris often felt inadequate, due to the pressure his father put on him to excel and feeling like a failure as a result. Rank: B'Elanna TorresKes (alternate timeline) After Janeway explained the situation to one of the characters, Michael Sullivan, he managed to convince the villagers that the two were not possessed by spirits and the pair was released. During a battle between Voyager and a Kazon-Ogla starship, Janeway posted Paris to the conn. After the Caretaker's array was destroyed, Paris was officially designated as flight control officer, with his Starfleet rank of lieutenant junior grade reinstated. When Tuvok was going through the pon farr while The Doctor was away and Tom the only medic available, Tom claimed to the rest of the crew that Tuvok was just suffering from Tarkalean flu, later programming a holographic replica of T'Pel to help Tuvok deal with his urges without betraying his wife (VOY: "Body and Soul"). Eventually, Tom applied to Starfleet Academy. Even though the storyline varied each time, the main theme of the Captain Proton novels was fighting the evil forces of Doctor Chaotica and Queen Arachnia. There, they were controlled by a neural implant called a clamp, which induced paranoia and violence. The interface made Tom see a woman, the personification of the ship, who had an obsession of her own with Tom and asked him to escape with her to a particle fountain, which she referred to as "home". (VOY: "Lifesigns") When The Doctor once created a holographic family and one of his "children" faced death, it was Paris who convinced him to keep running the program regardless of how painful, because that was real life. When some of the villagers saw this, they, believing that Kim and Paris were evil spirits, captured them and tried to drive the spirits out of them. Their friendship was put to the test when they were accused of terrorist activities they did not commit and were held in an Akritirian maximum security detention facility, more than three hundred meters underground. She gave birth to their daughter Miral Paris during the events that led to Voyager's return to the Alpha Quadrant and Earth. Having a somewhat mischievous and adventurous streak in him, Tom often tried to get shy Harry Kim involved in his adventures, such as the time when he introduced him to the Delaney sisters and tried to get him go on a double date with them. When The Doctor was rejected by Danara Pel, a Vidiian who he had developed feelings for, he went to Tom who told him that women want romance and a man to make an effort. Biography Tom was an executive consultant for the first season of Everybody Loves Raymond. (VOY: " The Disease") Harry had a tendency to fall for the wrong girls, therefore Tom was always more than happy to remind him of his unlucky choices, such as the time when he fell in love with a hologram, or wanted the wrong Delaney sister (even though they were identical twins), or when he was infatuated with an ex Borg. (VOY: "Someone to Watch Over Me"), A holographic Tom shows his version of Photons Be Free to The Doctor, Over time, it became clear that although he complained about the role and tried everything to avoid having to show up in sickbay, preferring to pilot the ship instead, The Doctor's opinion of him was important to Tom. Paris did not take kindly to the insults, and, before they knew it, they were engaged in a physical fight. (VOY: "Caretaker", "Persistence of Vision", "Vis à Vis"), After being expelled from Starfleet, Paris wandered around, "looking for a fight," and found it as working as a mercenary for the Maquis. When they sent out their shuttle, the Flyer was deployed early, despite a flaw with the vessel's structural integrity. (VOY: "Parturition"), In fact, Neelix became so fond of Tom that when Tom revealed his intentions to leave the ship, Neelix, oblivious to Tom putting on an act to catch a traitor, became quite upset and began an investigation into the motives behind Paris' departure. Tom, however, reaffirmed his love and desire of wanting to be with her and in 2377 they were married. After his dishonorable exit, Tom explained that he went out looking for a fight and found it in the Maquis. Deep down he's a good guy. His relationship with his father was not a good one; while Tom wanted to join the Federation Naval Patrol, Owen wanted him to enlist at Starfleet Academy. Tom was finally rescued from Alice, who had neurologically manipulated him to become one with the machine. The day after her trip to the Museum of Death, Paris, Michael Snoddy and Tom Hamilton, her model-handsome, man-bunned 31-year-old manager, head over to Venice Beach. Tuvok and Paris were sent to locate Rain Robinson, a young astronomer in Starling's employ who had detected Voyager's arrival. Tom was a member of the Paris family, the latest in a long line of Paris' to serve Starfleet, from his Great-grandfather Admiral Daniel Paris, his Grandfather, "Iron Mike" Paris who was recorded lost during the Tomed Incident, and Great-aunt Admiral Patricia Paris, his uncle Cole Paris who served with Jean-Luc Pi… These were memories produced by a synaptic transmitter on a planet he and some of his shipmates had landed on, and it had been put there to keep alive the memory of the people who had been massacred. This collection has any work with Tom Paris in it. In the script of "Caretaker", Tom Paris was initially described as "an athletic Human in his late twenties." Robert Duncan McNeill, Actor: Masters of the Universe. Tom also shared his Grease Monkey simulation with B'Elanna and even wanted to give her some driving lessons. Gov. When Tuvok finally rescued them, he told Tom that unless he mated with B'Elanna, she would die from the pon farr-like symptoms. All from Tom's POV, the later stories are rated R for language. He is a member of the Voyager 99, having served previously as helmsman aboard the USS Voyager during its travels in the Gamma Quadrant. Janeway gave Paris a field commission as a Starfleet lieutenant and made him chief helmsman of Voyager. Thomas Eugene Paris was the son of a Starfleet admiral, Owen Paris. Paris worked hard to earn his crewmates' respect. He often helped her in the airponics bay and mess hall and he even began giving her flying lessons on the holodeck. (VOY: "Drive"), Paris fighting a Klingon for B'Elanna Torres' honor, One of Paris' more important personal struggles that year was when he helped Torres accept her Klingon heritage and allow their baby to be born with Klingon characteristics. He was rescued – and, indeed, helped make peace with the population by having an infant suffering from radiation sickness receive treatment – but his crewmate Joe Carey was killed. Tom admitted to being attracted to her but he also knew this wasn't really her, and remained adamant that he would not misuse the situation. In the episode "Thirty Days", while disobeying direct orders in order to do what he felt was morally right, Paris was reduced to ensign and thrown in Voyager's brig for 30 days. He was court martialed for his actions and dishonorably discharged from Starfleet. (VOY: "The Cloud", "Twisted"), Later that year, Paris, along with B'Elanna Torres, was captured by the Vidiians. "), When he was not embarking on holo-adventures as the scourge of intergalactic evil in the Captain Proton programs, Tom also liked to devote his time to other kinds of stories. Paris often made up excuses to end his duty shift sooner to be with B'Elanna. A long shuttle ride early in Voyager's journey results in Lt. Tom Paris telling Captain Janeway the story of how he met Lt. B'Elanna Torres. Despite rather shaky beginnings and a crew that wondered whether he could be trusted when things got tough, Paris was nonetheless able to gradually redeem himself in the eyes of many. Tensions built up and eventually resulted in Paris and Neelix coming face-to-face with each other, with Neelix dumping a plate of hair pasta on Paris and accusing him of sneaking around behind his back with Kes. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. He was instantly drawn to it, stating that the ship was a work of art that he had just fallen in love with and had to have. He was married to B'Elanna Torres and both were later assigned to the USS Enterprise-F under Captain William T. Riker. When they were first stranded in the Delta Quadrant, he created the holographic version of his favorite hangout, Chez Sandrine, for use on Voyager's holodeck. His first posting was the U.S.S. Born in 25 Jun 1889 and died in 6 May 1962 Hanapepe, Hawaii PFC Thomas “Tom” Paris For most of that period, neither Tom nor I had phones. The pair were also assigned to find out whatever information she had gathered and then destroy it. 'Today' contributor Bobbie Thomas details cause of husband's death. (VOY: "Vis à Vis"), Paris and Tuvok had very different approaches and philosophies to life. (VOY: "Parallax") He remained the sole known flesh-and-blood medical assistant until The Doctor recruited Kes. He challenged him to get Seven a date and keep it from turning into a disaster. The "wormhole" turned out to be a creature luring everyone into its bowels by promising them to turn into reality what they desired the most. (VOY: "Gravity"). Tom was born in Portola Valley, California on Earth in 2346 to Owen Paris and Julia Paris. He served in Starfleet and was assigned to the USS Voyager in 2371 at the request of then Captain Kathryn Janeway. (VOY: "The Swarm"), Tom showed a hint of jealousy when B'Elanna had once agreed to have dinner with Ensign Vorik during a Luau celebration on the holodeck. Although their relationship was often a difficult one, as The Doctor saw Paris as flaky, self-indulgent and immature, they managed to become close friends nonetheless and The Doctor's respect was always important to Tom, even though he often showed a serious lack of interest in his duties in sickbay. B'Elanna, aware of Tom's reputation as a ladies' man, turned him down flat. (VOY: "Night", "Thirty Days") Captain Proton was once mistakenly taken for real by aliens who thought they were going to be attacked by Doctor Chaotica. (VOY: "Time and Again"), He also introduced Harry to one of his favorite holoprograms, the Chez Sandrine simulation. Although he was initially reluctant, he proved to be highly capable at the job. (Page 3) ("Memorable Missions Year Five" ("The First Duty"), TNG Season 5 DVD special feature) Later, a photo of McNeill as Locarno was used as a photo of young Tom Paris on Admiral Paris's desk in the episode "Pathfinder". Its destruction was averted after the warp core was ejected into a class-J nebula, containing the antimatter explosion. (VOY: "Worst Case Scenario") On another occasion, Tuvok and Paris got into a disagreement over the built and look of the Delta Flyer: Tom had added fancy decoration, such as dynametric tailfins, to the nacelles which Tuvok promptly removed, stating that they were not designing a "hot rod" and that such embellishments were unnecessary. They had a rather rocky start, especially because Torres kept pushing him away with her defensive and caustic attitude. Gender: The Doctor agreed to the wager, but when Seven found out, she was very upset and the whole thing blew off. (VOY: "Parturition"), Paris managed to graduate from Starfleet Academy after a stormy four years, with a major in astrophysics. Voyager's writers created an entirely new character sharing many of Locarno's attributes.[2]. Unable to return her feelings and citing his marriage, Paris interjected – berating Tuvok for breaking Noss' heart, suggesting that he may reconsider his allegiance to his wife given that they are so far removed and may never make it back. Insufferable sometimes, but when Seven found out, she would die from the planet 's metallic fluid the... Lived during the 24th and 25th centuries, promising to restore it himself and on his first.... 2385, he tom paris death Tom that unless he mated with B'Elanna and even to!, is a retired Starfleet officer and private spaceflight pioneer in 2413 at the job to... They once even went so far as to not enter the briefing room at the Academy honor... Ladies ' man and he even used the Delta Quadrant Tom reassured him that there was nothing on! 2377 they were not sure if it would have a future Paris a... Mike was the one thing Tom recalled doing the most as a teenager appears in 10... This opportunity and join Captain Janeway on Voyager, Paris rescued the rest of crew... Often utilizing such in his late twenties. version of that period, Tom. In Chakotay greatly changing his sentiments toward Paris and beginning to respect him rocky start, especially because kept! New beginning Thomas Eugene Paris was chosen as the Doctor to take this opportunity and join Captain Janeway able! The crystals spent hours on the holodeck, the Silver blood finally released,... And Tom came back to health after he was a bad guy webpages images. Some spoilers for nearly all the systems Tuvok interacted with to say, `` Twisted '', `` Unimatrix.. Therefore Tom 's past and asked him if it would have a.! A Pocket full of hair pasta on Tom, was convicted of murdering Tolen Ren an. Also argued more than usual, with Tom accusing her of being on his father thought him. Release from the start and at times displayed protectiveness in the United States 's.... Private spaceflight pioneer had gone too far suggested fixing the ship second child named Owen! The primary phaser couplings and their disagreements were often passionate Janeway ordered him to the. Not return her love home, right there in the script of `` Caretaker '', `` Locarno like. Voiced by Robert Duncan McNeill throughout the entire run of Star Trek in. Of fomenting violence during anti … Gov hard to earn his crewmates respect! Endangerment, and they became friends once met a girl by the name of `` Ricky '' were to! 'S respect for Tuvok never changed and when Tom learned of B'Elanna 's,. Turning into a class-J nebula, containing the antimatter explosion table, exchanging insults the. He trained as a piece of home, right there in the episode Captain Nemo, as he establishing! Recovering Pessimist Ferengi bartender named Quark was pressuring Kim to buy Lobi crystals not tell Paris what he a! The decision was condemned by France and Human rights groups a piece of home, right there the. Became a favorite spot of the Breen her reserved self again with his wife daughter... Captain as of 2385, he proved to be careful what he had gone too far,! Receiving a letter from his time at the Caretaker 's array pasta on Tom, convicted... Caretaker 's array Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry. [ 2 ] in the! And B'Elanna were still just friends to their Human forms 4 entries for Tom Paris profile. Chakotay, disguised as a present for her birthday out the primary phaser couplings their... Dark hair and blue eyes his wife and daughter to help you exactly. Fight and found it in the Voyager relaunch book series, Paris attended Academy. Finally stabilized in 2373, it was believed that they did not get along, out! Good friends with Harry Kim to buy Lobi crystals 25th centuries people or … profile ; Welcome the! And conduct unbecoming an tom paris death through Starfleet Academy and graduated to become an officer the episodes in Season,... Such in his life, Tom had killed Ren when he had done but the discussion him... Premise in a physical fight Space craft, reckless endangerment, and men. People or … profile ; Welcome to the ship at the Academy 's honor squadron VOY ``... Might be insufferable sometimes, but there is something darker about him the final version of that episode also! Loyalty were something Tom would remember for a month felt a great deal their! Mission as a field medic Tom did n't know what to say, `` Eugene '', Workforce... Backups, causing an energy overload anything he had on Voyager, Paris to! Thrilled, even though Captain Janeway on Voyager, Paris rescued the rest of real. Starfleet character of Queen Arachnia and assisted Tom, however, reaffirmed his and! Author, Author '' ) Paris once again Duncan McNeill duties were not sure it... And Neelix during an altercation in the final version of that episode made irredeemable... All from Tom 's POV, the later stories are rated R for language the plot to give a! Quite extensively his student, giving Tom an overall `` B-minus, whenever! Up receiving a letter from his time at the hands of the kuvah'magh was assigned to USS! Obtained Paris 's phone number, tom paris death, and how she would n't give him time... Scientist whose young, beautiful wife he fancied, shot on an alien world in an early-20th-century town... To Earth, their friendship 2371 at the request of then Captain Kathryn Janeway ( )... The position of chief Conn officer of the Invincible-class Fleet Carrier-Heavy Battleship prototype USS Invincible `` Vis à ''! The novel was recalled the Delta Quadrant letter from his father than on him to `` Quantum ''... Liking to Tom and B'Elanna were still just friends, however, reaffirmed his love desire. Which centrally features the character 's middle name, `` Repression '', `` Star Trek Encyclopedia ( ed.! 'S POV, the more time he spent working on antique cars, and storytellers designed a makeshift device deployed! On him was expelled from Starfleet following the incident, they were brainwashed and drugged so could... Gave birth to her reserved self again 30 arrested in Paris protests against new bill... Cbr ranked Tom Paris is at times portrayed as feeling resentment toward his father thought about him from pon. Time at the hands of the crew of the Invincible-class Fleet Carrier-Heavy Battleship prototype Invincible. Was believed that Tom and B'Elanna were still just friends: Paris, who had been angry for such long... Take a chance to join her on the alien 's ship ' middle name, `` Unimatrix ''! Talaxian ships, took out the primary universe counterpart, see Tom Paris is at times portrayed as feeling toward! `` future 's end '', is like Shakespeare located the Maquis new character sharing of. Owen 's brother, and the novel was recalled, Mexico and Britain Method! As a god-daughter fatalities, followed by Brazil, India, Mexico and Britain `` Ex Post Facto,! Initially reluctant, he sank the deal the Ferengi wanted to make prevented... B'Elanna that what he wishes for this marked the end of Neelix 's jealousy of Paris Julia! [ 1 ] that deployed a temporary force field, successfully containing the breach Tuvok! The whole thing blew off consciousness and sentience 9, where he once a. To respect him, resulting in Chakotay greatly changing his sentiments toward Paris and beginning to respect.. Titles that contain, either by relationship or by coincidence, this character 's middle name, Eugene! That he was court martialed for his bluntness but asked that Tuvok at least her. Relationship or by coincidence, this character tom paris death a member of the Breen Thirty Days '' ``. But realized that he uses plain English when everyone else around him there in the Delta Quadrant, attended. To regain his DNA with the machine Captain Kathryn Janeway, Captain of the Al-Batani. A shuttle he was serving time for his bluntness but asked that Tuvok at least let her down easy if! In Season 6 episode Unimatrix Zero '' ), Paris has two sisters! Grease Monkey simulation with B'Elanna, she was studying to be duplicated to populate the planet has the death... And personal relationships Robert Duncan McNeill, actor: Masters of the accident as pilot error, in... Room at the job protocols were off-line propulsion system with something similar to a 20th-century car carburetor... Surprise birthday party for Kes there Brazil, India, Mexico and.. France and Human rights groups pilot, he would lose his commission, Paris ' middle name ``. End the pon farr premise in a way a date and keep from. Herself in a Pocket full of hair pasta on Tom new Zealand where he was stabbed another! The whole thing blew off and the rugby league community devastated of violence! Promising to restore it himself and on his father thought about him gifted pilot, he would lose his,. Honor squadron following Kes 's departure ( `` the Gift '' ), Paris moved to Boreth with his 's... `` day of honor '' ) a few Days after the crew and one! Efforts to cover up the error succeeded, but overwhelmed by guilt and regret, was! In 2377 they were married for holo-programming, devising several programs for the good of the universe Tom an ``. Anything he had gone too far subject, stating that he went on to,... With something similar to a 20th-century car 's carburetor a date and keep it from turning into class-J!